We believe that worship opens our hearts to see the evidence of God's presence all around us. Worship let's us celebrate God's faithfulness and show our gratitude for all He does in our lives.

The responsbility of the music ministry at The MaxLife Church is to help create an atmosphere where people can engage the presence of God in a very real way. We do that through voice, instruments, and media. Music is an integral part of our worship expression at The MaxLife Church. Gifted and anointed musicians help lead all of us into God's presence and create an atmosphere where each of us can encounter the reality of God. 

When we give praise and worship to God, it is more than just the music, the band, the melody...It is the meaning behind the songs. It is the pure adoration we express through music.

If you are gifted in the area of music, we would love to discuss your possiblities here. 

To be considerd for thes positions, you must: 

  • Audition
  • Be a member of The MaxLife Church
  • Be a born again believer of Jesus Christ
  • Complete the New Partner's Class and MaxLife 101
  • Live an exemplary life.